CORAL Core of Life

Coral is one of the main subsidiaries of Pakshoma Group, which produces a variety of home appliances in cooperation with companies and institutions for the production and design of home appliances in South Korean .The product portfolio of Coral brand includes a variety of products for automatic and Semi-automatic washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and in different designs, sizes and colors.

Coral has been operating since 2010. From the very beginning, the design team of this brand tried to select, design and produce the most up-to-date home appliances in the world (mainly in cooperation with South Korean companies) by combining the elements of excitement, youthful vivacity and modern lifestyle.

The main motto of the Coral brand is the Core of Life. This slogan originates from the type of design, coloring and also the type of function of the products, which creates a stable interaction between the customer and itself.

The choice of technology, design style, product quality along with the efforts of marketing, sales and export teams made this brand soon find a suitable place in Iranian homes. In a short period of time, the export activity of this brand to the countries of the region began. Today, the Coral brand is a well-known name in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sudan and Azerbaijan and Pakistan.